IT Manager

Responsible for the architectural design and development of hardware, software, and networking systems. Provides an architectural framework for system development, maintenance, and enhancement efforts. Analyzes systems and performs usability testing to ensure performance and reliability, enhance scalability, and meet security requirements.

Essential Functions and Duties

  • Provides detailed information for hardware and software selection, implementation techniques and tools for the most efficient solution to meet business needs, including present and future capacity requirements
  • Manages the planning, design, installation, and upgrade administration of local area and wide area network systems and services
  • Enhances, modifies, and upgrades systems that affect or support the infrastructure, applications, website, databases and/or interfaces
  • Works with third party vendors to integrate their hardware, software, or networking systems into the HMI infrastructure
  • Recommends the appropriate platform, software, configuration, and communication linkages
  • Performs usability testing to ensure performance and reliability, enhance scalability, and meets security requirements
  • Manages operations of computer and related equipment, including telecommunications and data networks
  • Confers with appropriate managers regarding problems with and capabilities of application databases
  • Establishes policies and procedures pertaining to database management, security, maintenance and utilization
  • Manages personnel activities of staff (i.e., hires, fires, trains, rewards, motivates, disciplines as necessary)

Skills and Experience

  • Bachelor’s/Master’s degree or equivalent and 8+ years of experience
  • Excellent knowledge of database administration, programming and systems analysis procedures
  • Excellent organizational, leadership, and decision-making skills
  • Excellent knowledge of current technologies in hardware and software capabilities to include data communications and networking

Interested candidates should forward a cover letter and resume/CV to