Scientist/Sr. Scientist, AAV Gene Editing Platform Development

Job Summary

Homology Medicines seeks an outstanding Scientist in the Upstream Process Development team to assist in the advancement of viral gene therapy production processes for novel adeno-associated viruses (AAVs). The individual in this role will be a highly skilled, talented and motivated researcher who will focus on characterizing and scale-up of cell based methods for AAV vectors capable of genome editing. We seek candidates with proven ability to work independently and collaboratively to achieve optimized project plans, with the goal to deliver products that transform the lives of patients.

Essential Functions and Duties

  • Advance technical understanding and development of critical parameters in mammalian cell culture production systems for gene editing AAV vectors
  • Develop and implement upstream operations including cell banking, vector production, virus harvest, and preparation of downstream purification
  • Collaborate closely with analytical characterization team to evaluate critical vector attributes and process performance parameters for gene editing AAV vector production
  • Evaluate strategies for scale-up of AAV production using DOE-based approaches in multiple platforms and cell types
  • Lead a team of research associate completing assigned tasks and serve as scientific mentor to overseeing laboratory experimentation and data analysis
  • Author technical reports and tech transfer documents as needed

Skills and Experience

  • BS/MS or equivalent with 6+ years industry experience or PhD with 3+ years industry experience in viral vector production
  • Prior experience characterizing and troubleshooting upstream bioprocessing methods
  • Thorough understanding of virus characterization methods including nucleic acid and protein based approaches
  • Expertise in the manufacturing of live virus or viral vector product in a high-volume production environment preferred.
  • Familiarity with lab-scale production platforms including adherent cell systems, bioreactors, and wave bags
  • Adept at conducting routine testing and limited troubleshooting of multiple methods
  • Independently motivated, detail oriented and good problem-solving ability
  • Excellent interpersonal written and oral communication skills

Interested candidates should forward a cover letter and resume/CV to