We are Homology

Our mission is focused on curing disease and transforming patients’ lives

Look Inside Homology

Who We Are

We love what we do and have fun doing it together. We value family, fun, and embrace flexibility because life happens. We are always up for a spontaneous celebration in the kitchen, and our company traditions are part of who we are.

Why We Work

People are being devastated by genetic diseases, and we are here to do something about it. We are passionate, committed, and driven to meet the scientific challenges needed to change lives.

How We Work

We believe how we work is just as important as the work we do.  We are trusted with the freedom to work both independently and collaboratively. We roll up our sleeves, get around the table, and solve problems as a team.  We love a whiteboard, brainstorming, and challenging each other. No job is too small and from every level of the organization we all pitch in together.

Why We Stay

We believe in our people and recognize that we are all more than a resume. We are empowered and encouraged to follow our career paths. We prioritize personal development because it leads to innovation, successful treatments, and broadens the potential for the future. 

Open, Accessible, and Inclusive Leadership

We lead by example. Our doors are always open, everyone is welcome, every voice matters, and we care what you think.

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